19 02 2013

It is 7 o’clock in the morning, I don’t want to stand up, I still wanna be in my bed. The ceiling is so white, I can hear the birds and I can feel the sun shining through my window. Even if I don’t want to, still I need to get up, my class is at 7:30 AM and I’m late. Super late.

Why do I need to attend classes at school? Simply because I wanna be a doctor, I am taking up my preparatory course and I like it. Before I wanna be a lawyer, I wanna lie and be rich because of lying. But I wasn’t successful enough; I need to migrate because my mom and my dad separated. I didn’t continue what I have started when I am still taking up my preparatory course for Law. But before that, I wanna be a writer. I want to publish books and I want my books to be a movie. I want to be a script writer for the highest grossing film of all time. But before that I just want to be a dragon. Yeah I am six years old that time. I want to be a dragon to breathe fire, it’s so cool, imagine that fire from your mouth that’s way beyond imagination. Not just that, I want my fire to be pink because I think it’s scary. I can scare bratty girls by my pink fire coming from my dragon mouth.

It is reality right now, I’m all grown up and I get jealous at kids who don’t have a problem. All they do is to play, eat, sleep and play again. I hate to talk about age, I’m very sensitive about it, and it’s just like a reminder that I am getting old. Age is just a number, the number designating your proximity to death.

I also thought of maybe I am wasting my time in school. Maybe after years of education I can’t find a decent job or I’ll die after graduating because of snakebite. I don’t know maybe I should stop thinking so much. I can’t take the pressure of college education is giving me. I have a goal and I need to strive for it besides pressure isn’t always bad. It’s a sign you’re into making something great. I have great responsibilities but I’m scared that I can’t do it, that I might fail those people who trust and believe in me. Well because of that a friend punched me in the stomach and told me to see it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

I wanna be a superstar, you know like a star which is super. I’m not good at everything I do, but I know there’s something I can do that not everybody can do. Each of us is unique; I just don’t know what makes me unique.

What if someday I don’t want to be a writer anymore or a doctor or a lawyer, what if I want to be a part of a gambling syndicate or something illegal? These questions sometimes bug my mind, there are a lot of money in there just don’t let the authorities to catch you. Sometimes I decide abruptly, I don’t think twice but I’ve managed to get away from it. I also didn’t let my friends to be a bad influence to me. More importantly every time after making those kinds of decisions and realizing it was bad for me and my future, that’s the time I’ll say “I will not do the same mistakes again.”

People sometimes contradict your beliefs however you should not give up on the things you’re fighting for. Be ready for the consequences of the mistakes you’re about to make. If you wanna be a dragon, go for it. Be a dragon of the society maybe you’ll breathe fire which is pink that will scare those crocodiles.

What do I really want to be? It’s so hard to change the world but I will give it a try.

Now I’m looking at my alarm clock. Even if I don’t want to, still I need to get up, my class is at 7:30 AM and I’m late. Super late.


“As soon as you stop wanting something, you get it.” ~ Andy Warhol


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19 02 2013

i love this post. i feel you and i understand what you are going through. sometimes i ask the same questions but i guess we’ll never know the answer. life always gets its way anyway and we’re forced to deal with it just because. but we’ll be okay. now go to class. 😆

22 02 2013
Adriel Dela Rosa

You can’t please everyone and you don’t have to please everyone. But, as I always say to my friends, don’t ever let a soul in this world to tell you that you can’t be the one you aspire to be. It is normal that challenges come to our lives. But we should learn on how to deal to stop thinking of it.


10 03 2013

As usual, you’ve always impress me with your Imaginations man. Brings backs Memories from our young days. Your writings of weird but impressive style 🙂

10 03 2013

As always. Your Imagination really makes you a good writer Olops 🙂

15 03 2013

ramdam na ramdam ko every word, as in every word. I feel you.

Sa ngayon pumasok ka na muna kahit late. hehehe

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